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We had an EMF home survey from Leonard  and it was a real pleasure to see someone who really cares about your health and takes the time to identify and assess the impact of radiation in your home and explain it in terms that are easy to understand.

Following Leonard’s visit we made some changes in our home and bought a memonCOMBI, which was the best decision we have ever made!  It really helped me and my partner to get quality sleep again. A real gift!

We highly recommend Leonard’s services.


Since having my bedroom shielded my sleep is a lot deeper than before. I rarely wake up in the night and usually sleep right through. Noticeably my cat is spending a lot more time in the bedroom and is very content. He even spends time in a corner that he used to avoid, which was previously bombarded with wireless signals from a neighbour’s house.

A definite improvement from before!


We have recently had our bedroom shielded following Leonard’s recommendation. The painting was done by a local decorator and the grounding of the room by Vitali Renovations. Both parts of the job went very smoothly and it was completed one day earlier than planned. Visually there is no difference to our bedroom from before, but we both love knowing that it is now safe from EMFs. Emma is sleeping better and better as the weeks go by. She is also noticing that her symptoms are less severe during the day as a result. Although I am not EMF sensitive, I am also sleeping much deeper than I used to. Shielding the bedroom has made a big difference and I would highly recommend to anyone with EMF sensitivity.


It [memon] has been quite a revelation – both of us sleeping better and feeling soooo much better. Wish I had done this years ago!!!!  It has had quite a detoxing effect on the body and systems but all really good and positive!


My sleep has undoubtedly been improved with the canopy. Although I still have some insomnia the quality of the sleep I get is better, deeper and more consistent. I used to have huge temperature fluctuations and these have lessened considerably. I’m also tossing and turning a lot less. I have mild eczema and since using the canopy my skin has felt better, calmer and clearer.


Entering the canopy was like stepping back into the 70s when life was simpler. I felt calmer and that was the effect of just a few minutes.


We would like to thank Leonard for providing fantastic information and service regarding the dangers of EMFs and how to protect yourselves and loved ones from it.  He is a wonderful gentleman and very very knowledgeable in his field, he is very good at explaining your individual situation and how to safely shield you and your family from the hidden dangers of EMF.

Leonard has and is continuing to transform and better our lives in protecting us from the damaging affects of EMFs. Thank you very much Leonard, the world needs people like you who care and can help improve the quality of lives.


In the past 10 days, since memon was installed:

– Sue says I am sleeping better;
– she is sleeping better, deeper (son and his girlfriend are staying with us for a few days and she can normally hear every little noise and wakes up, last night he came in and she slept through it);
– Sue no longer feels likes she has a major hangover every morning, sometimes quite lively in the mornings compared to before and the past few days there has been no headache on waking up;
– only once has her eye drooped and that was in the local Boots in town;
– Sue has had the odd headache but no debilitating ones like previously;
– Sue seems to have more energy, looks a better colour;
– she has not felt the strange sensation in the shower or by the bathroom sink in days, no longer apprehensive about going upstairs to the bathroom, having a shower or going to the desk;
– she can still feel something changing at 3 pm and 2 am each day but it does not affect her for long, nor very much, and the feeling wears off quite quickly – she can go back to sleep quite quickly in the middle of the night and gets a couple more hours of restful sleep when compared to before;
– her back and hip problems now seem physical and the pain is reduced compared to previously;
– everything seems to have a feeling of being better in the house; the cold, edgy atmosphere seems to be changing.

Looks like things are improving quite drastically at the moment, hopefully it will continue.


Leonard is a highly knowledgable and approachable person with a lovely warm manner. His assessment of my bedroom was very, very thorough and he took time to explain the electromagnetic and significant geopathic stress that were pervading it and how to remedy it. As all the works were undertaken, Leonard was very much a part of the process. Regularly contacting me by way of calls, emails and visits to see how the shielding was progressing.

I love the end result. It is truly an oasis of calm and I cannot wait to get into bed at night secure in the fact that it is free from all the draining nasties of
electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress. It has a lovely soothing and healing energy about it now. Recently I had family over to stay and I gave up my bedroom for them. Both my brother and my sister-in-law commented how soundly they slept in that renewed space. I wholeheartedly recommend Leonard as an expert who can thoroughly investigate and remedy the effects of these stresses in such an important part of any house, the bedroom, where I am now able to rest and restore my health.


I am very impressed with the service that Leonard offered with regard to not only suggesting solutions to the problem but more importantly to supervise and oversee the project to ensure it is done correctly. I now refer many of my patients to Leonard for a home radiation survey to address this important risk factor in this high tech world we live in.


Five days after the memonCOMBI was installed the room looked brighter, and the atmosphere less electrical and dust & fine particles lifting. After 7 days: Sleep improved and mood, The dreams are normal; nice dreams, plus people wanted to come into the room to chat, noticeably more positive atmosphere. I was having disturbed sleep and bad dreams with 5G running, before I plugged in memonCOMBI. Wifi was overstimulating, not falling asleep easily, had a jarring head and electrical impulses in limbs, slight nausea. 
memonBODY harmonises the emotional atmosphere at work and gives vitality.
memonMOBILE – it reduced the radiation in the hand.


I can whole-heartedly recommend Leonard . He organised everything in such an efficient manner. He co-ordinated and supervised the work and then returned to test its effectiveness. He is extremely conscientious and strives to ensure his customer is completely happy with the results. Our only regret is that we didn’t meet Leonard years earlier when our journey on our ‘EMF reduction road’ began.


I contacted Leonard because I strongly suspected a sensitivity to EMF due to my sleeping difficulties. For many years I’ve been waking up every 2-3 hours during the night. The shielding works were done with very minimal disturbances, and the workers were lovely. I started to enjoy very restful and uninterrupted sleep for the first days after the shielding, which is spectacular. I don’t have sleeping issues anymore. My sleep is very deep and refreshing. I enjoy energy during my day and focusing on my daily work is not a problem anymore. This is certainly the best investment I did for my health. A big thank you!


After thorough discussion with Leonard and taking into account the cost of various options, we decided to purchase a memonizer combi to protect us against the harmful effects of EMF and GS exposure, as well as reducing fine particulate matter in the air throughout our house. We also purchased a water memonizer plus, which combines a very sophisticated water filter with a water memonizer, to filter our water as well as renature it. We are extremely happy with the results. The water from our taps now tastes like spring water and we notice that dust accumulates on the floors and furniture much faster than previously, indicating a purification of the air on a constant basis. We also purchased memonizers for our mobile phones and I have noticed that the ear ache I used to get after using my phone even for very short periods has totally disappeared. We would highly recommend Leonard for his expertise and professionalism, as well as his commitment and extremely helpful approach during the whole process of assessment, purchase, instalment and post instalment questions.


My husband has amongst other things Atrial Fibrillation and our Holistic Doctor recommended Leonard. He is a very kind man and we really felt that he advised us very well and we did our best for our bodies and sleep and live now in a stress free environment. My husband’s heart is also much happier and our sleep more fulfilling. We recommend Leonard highly.


I was particularly impressed and benefited from Leonard’s patience, down-to-earth and carefully considered approaches. If you have some concerns about EMF, do yourself a favour and get the advice of Leonard.


I would highly recommend Leonard, every household should have this assessment!


I have found Leonard’s 2 visits exceedingly helpful – my husband has Atrial Fibrillation and we have been advised to make our home, and in particular our bedroom area, as stress free as possible for his heart condition. This we have now been able to achieve with Leonard’s help & support. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.


Leonard has guided me through difficult times, and now my home has a sense of calm: a place where at night my body can recover from the effects of wi fi, 4G and electromagnetic stresses and geopathic stress. I now feel at ease in my own home, both physically and emotionally. I had not realised the level of stress that my body had been under, especially with regard to electromagnetic and geopathic stress. My first few nights felt as if my body could, at last, let go… rather like the feeling of camping in a remote place, surrounded by the peace of nature …. far away from the man made stresses that we are increasingly expecting our bodies to cope with. I unreservedly recommend Leonard to you.


Following the initial survey, the steps Leonard recommended (which included mats under the bed and a circuit cut-off switch) so vastly altered our sleep environment that even my husband noticed the difference and we both began sleeping so much better it was astonishing. I can certainly report that, through gaining the best quality sleep I have enjoyed since living in this house (14 years), my recovery has started to gain a deeper and more consistent foothold than before, my tolerance of the inevitable EMFs in the environment during the day has increased and I really notice the difference when I sleep away from home.


Following Leonard’s advice I’m really glad we had the bedroom protected, the walls painted, floor covering done and curtains lined. We have greater peace of mind and we are both sleeping really well. My husband’s Parkinson’s symptoms are minimal at the moment, maybe the better sleeping area is helping.


Leonard has been wonderful in making the much needed changes in our house. The biggest impact so far has been the mattresses that we now have. They are brilliant, mine has helped my back and stops me getting radiation as it’s coil free, all making for a better nights sleep. 


If you have chronic health problems I would highly recommend you have your property surveyed by Leonard as a priority for good health!


I am very grateful with the house health check done by Leonard. It exceeded my expectations. I have already made some improvements to protect my family health and wellbeing.


What a difference you have made to our lives; it has been life changing and we are so grateful for the expert advice you gave us in your EMF and Geopathic Stress Surveys. Leonard helped us construct a Faraday Cage to protect my daughter’s bed, advising on sourcing materials and co-ordinating the installation. His testing after completion showed her sleeping area to be completely free of EMF disturbances and the bed was repositioned to avoid Geopathic Stress. I cannot recommend Leonard highly enough. He offers excellent advice and is totally conscientious and reliable. My family now has improved quality of sleep and general well-being.

London and Hampshire

Your survey and patient explanations made it real and I could better understand what I was being bombarded with – especially the high magnetic radiation coming through into my bedroom from next door. I am now sleeping with my head at the other end of the bed away from that wall.


I was impressed with the Geopathic Stress assessment given by Leonard Stafford recently at my home and will be recommending him to others. It is reassuring to know that a solution was achieved and I am able to sleep in a safe environment. After 9 weeks of the new sleeping arrangement Leonard came back to take new readings and NO GEOPATHIC STRESS WAS FOUND. In those 9 weeks my sleep improved, my pain disappeared , my blood pressure normalised and my immune system became strong again. I would strongly recommend anyone to contact Leonard if they have health problems that conventional medicine can not explain.

West Yorkshire