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The most important point to remember is that, in most cases, you can take action to mitigate the effects of EMFs and Geopathic Stress (GS) in your home.  I carry out home EMF surveys in London and the South East as well as across the UK.

My recommendation is to have a home survey during which we will look at the level of EMFs in the home, both internally generated and from external sources. We will then discuss ways to mitigate these and frequently the advice will be to shield the bedroom. We will also look at levels of Geopathic Stress (excess of Earth energy) in the sleeping area and propose mitigation steps as necessary.

The video below shows me carrying out a survey for one of my clients and so gives an indication of what is involved in one of my home EMF surveys.

There are frequently a number of simple inexpensive solutions that can be taken to reduce EMF exposure immediately. These include:

1. Replacing DECT phones with wired phones.
2. Turn off the router at night or hardwire the router with Ethernet cables and switch off the wifi function.
3. For low frequency consider switching off electrical circuits at night and fitting demand switches to certain circuits.
4. As far as possible, minimise use of mobile phone, and keep it on airplane mode. When using a mobile hold it away from the body in loudspeaker mode or use air-tube headsets.
5. Never take the mobile phone into the bedroom at night.

Once the internal sources of EMF have been reduced, we will then consider how best to shield from external sources, such as mobile phone masts.



Often the best solution is to shield the bedroom with shielding paint on walls and ceiling, mesh on the floor, earth both (to remove LF radiation), place shielding fabric behind the curtains or blinds. Demand switches and ‘kill’ switches may also be used to reduce LF radiation, and Geopathic Stress may be addressed in a number of ways.

The video below shows how I have shielded our bedroom and the results in reducing radiation whilst we are in bed.