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Your EMF Guide

Leonard Stafford

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13. Geovital Mattresses. Webinar explaining benefits of Geovital Mattresses with Sascha Hahnen, CEO GEOVITAL, and Patrick van der Burght  (73 minutes).

2. Leonard demonstrates how he has created a 'radiation free' bedroom in his home (6 minutes).

6. Demonstration of the protective effects of memon on live cells by leading cell biologist, Professor Dartsch (4 minutes).

11. Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe highlights health concerns from EMFs - aimed especially at the health of children. (69 minutes).

10. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD Smart Meters and EMR - Health Crisis of our Time (43 minutes).

Dr Klinghardt specialises in the treatment of chronic illnesses and says the main symptom in summary is "loss of zest" and that about 80% health problems that we see now are caused by or contributed to by the exposure to man made electromagnetic fields. Dr Klinghardt discusses the importance of reducing exposure to EMFs, especially in pregnancy, and explains how this can be done - very much in line with the Geovital approach.

19. Grounding shielding paint T98 Alpha to electrical socket by electrician (3 minutes).

18. Patrick van der Burght demonstrates how to apply grounding /earthing tape in a shielding paint project (5 minutes).

17. Sascha Hannen creates a 'radiation free' sleeping area utilising NOVA fabric as a 'canopy' (7 minutes).

16. Dirty Electricity - Measurement and Mitigation - Dr Sam Milham MD MPH (16 minutes).

15. Dr Mercola interviews Martin Pall on EMFs.  An extensive interview in which Martin Pall explains how EMFs cause so many common health problems including tiredness, insomnia, autism, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer's Disease, heart problems (58 Minutes).

14. Preview of Dr Mercola's interview with Martin Pall (3 minutes).

5. Leonard talks to Dr Shamim Daya, Holistic GP, about the effects of shielding her bedroom and sleeping 'radiation free' (11 minutes).


3. Christen Asante explains why he decided to use a canopy to shield his bed and Leonard installs and demonstrates the results
(5 minutes).

1. Christen Asante of the Truth Train Vlog shows Leonard undertaking an EMF Survey on his home, highlighting the typically dangerous levels of radiation in our homes and what we can do to reduce its effects (15 minutes)

4. A step by step guide to erecting a canopy supplied by Leonard for High and Low frequency Radiation Shielding (9 minutes)

8. Renature Your Life - the memon Technology' discusses the many uses of memon, gives an explanation of how memon works and its protective effect for chronic conditions. Satisfied customers explain the effects that memon has had on their lives.  (18 mins).

7. Demonstration of effectiveness of memon mobile - This video shows live blood taken from a volunteer  The first sample is before using a mobile phone. The second sample is AFTER making a 15 minute mobile phone call.  The blood is static and clumped together. The FINAL blood sample shown is after a SECOND 15 minute mobile phone call.  But for the duration of THIS call, a memonizerMOBILE was installed in the phone. The blood flows freely again! (1 minute).

9. Geopathic Stress (GS) Documentary which looks at the effects of GS and electromagnetic radiation on our health (1 hour 9 mins).

12. Video by Steven Magee which demonstrates the electrical fields present in a coil spring mattress caused by Low Frequency (LF) radiation from electrical wiring (5 minutes).