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Leonard Stafford

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Reduce the effects of EMF/Geopathic Stress pollution while you sleep

Good health is more than an absence of disease, it is about living a ‘vital’ life, full of energy and ‘joie de vivre’. In order to improve our chances of living in this way, it makes sense to reduce the effects of EMF/Geopathic Stress pollution on our bodies, especially while we sleep.

It is generally accepted in medicine that the body has the capacity to heal and rejuvenate itself at night while we are sleeping. We are living in a ‘sea’ of man-made EMFs from mobile phones, cell phone towers, wifi, house wiring etc. Many studies have shown that exposure to EMFs subjects the whole body, as well as individual cells, to stress.  A health clinic in Austria, the Geovital Academy, has clearly demonstrated the importance of an EMF-free sleeping environment for the health of their patients. As part of the treatment the Academy surveys the patients’ bedrooms, and reduces the EMFs and Geopathic Stress to as close to zero as possible. Over the 32 years that the Academy has been operating this protocol, they have seen exceptional results. In a blind study over a period of eight years (2004-2012) 1,200 Geovital Acadamy patient bedrooms were surveyed. In 87% of patients the location of cancer development was very close to a Geopathic Stress 'hotspot'.  

The evidence suggests that once the sleeping area is cleared of EMFs/Geopathic Stress, our bodies can recover and repair during sleep so that healing can take place.

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Some very interesting research relating to Geopathic Stress and cancer was undertaken in Germany in the 1920s and ‘30s. In 1929 an eminent dowser, Baron von Pohl, undertook a medical scientific study to establish if there was a relationship between cancer and Geopathic Stress. He examined a city that was unfamiliar to him (Vilsbiburg) under the auspices of the chief medical officer and two policemen. He dowsed for Geopathic Stress (GS) lines in the city and drew them on a map. The chief medical officer plotted on the map the houses in which people had died of cancer. The extraordinary finding was that every single ‘cancer’ house was located on a GS line.

At the time sceptics made claims of fraud, but in 1930 the town of Grafenau was investigated as well and the results were exactly the same – all cancer deaths of the last seventeen years (as far back as records were kept) happened on the GS lines marked by Baron von Pohl.  A third piece of evidence made an even stronger impression on many doctors: Baron von Pohl returned to Vilsbiburg 18 months later during which time ten more people had died of cancer.  It was discovered that their beds were also all located on the GS lines.  

A prevailing belief exists in our society that a consequence of growing older is the likelihood of contracting one or more of the ‘modern’ diseases of civilisation – cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, leukaemia, dementia, insomnia, arthritis, depression, memory loss and so on. There have been many studies of populations which show that disease and degeneration is not an inevitable consequence of ageing. One well known example of this is the Hunzars who inhabit the mountain peaks of the Himalayas.  Apart from their longevity (ages over 100 are the norm), they generally remain in excellent health all their lives.

Removing the effects of EMFs and Geopathic Stress in the sleeping area allows the body to recuperate and rejuvenate whilst sleeping.  In this way the body can Heal during the night rather than expend energy fighting the effects of radiation on the individual cells in the body.

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“Following the initial survey, the steps Leonard recommended (which included mats under the bed and a circuit cut-off switch) so vastly altered our sleep environment that even my husband noticed the difference and we both began sleeping so much better it was astonishing.”

Helen, Berkshire