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Your EMF Guide

Leonard Stafford

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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Geopathic Stress Home Survey

The most important point to remember is that, in most cases, you can take action to mitigate the effects of EMFs and Geopathic Stress in your home.

The starting point Is to conduct a home survey.  This will be a general review of EMFs and Geopathic Stress in and around your home and their potential effects on the body.  We will then look at any concerns that you may have and propose actions.  

Living in the 21st century, we are all exposed to EMFs in our everyday life.  However our bodies are built to deal with stress during the day and to recover during a good night’s sleep, when melatonin (a natural anti-oxidant) is produced.  The purpose of the measurements and proposed actions during a home survey is to ensure that the bedroom is free of harmful radiation to aid the night time recovery.  We do this by using age-old dowsing techniques with which we can establish if there is any Geopathic Stress, such as underground water veins, in the sleeping area.  The reason for this is that sleeping over an area of Geopathic Stress in the long term can lead to ill-health.  

We will then take measurements in the bedroom for power frequency electric and magnetic fields, dirty electricity (electrical pollution which is biologically active) and High Frequency fields. If any of these are present we will look at ways of reducing them to make the sleeping area as close to an EMF free zone as possible.  We will also measure the Earth’s natural magnetic field over the mattress, as sprung mattresses can have the effect of distorting the Earth’s magnetic field, which can lead to problems with sleeping.  

We will also measure the direct effects of EMFs on the body by taking body voltage readings and electrosmog exposure readings. These readings are taken in the sleeping area and give another indication of the stress on the body from EMFs.  They are also an indicator of the effectiveness of any proposed solution. The proposals may be as simple as moving the bed, removing internal sources of High Frequency radiation, utilising demand switches to cut the electrical supply to a circuit and therefore eliminate power frequency electric fields, using screening paint and/or fabric to reduce external High Frequency radiation and so on.

I will explain the reasons for making any proposals and suggest various options. You will be left with a very clear plan of action to mitigate the effects of EMFs in the bedroom.  You can find a more detailed list of possible solutions on the Solutions page.

We will then go through every room in the house taking similar measurements and producing a summary of actions for each room.  My aim is to assist you to have, as far as possible, a radiation-free sleeping area, and to reduce the effects of EMFs throughout the rest of the home.

See Solutions for some of the measures that can be taken following a Home Survey.

“Every household should have this assessment!”

Max, London


Home Radiation Assessment Survey

The cost of a home radiation survey starts from £350, plus travel, depending on the size of the house and time taken.

The home survey usually takes between two and a half and four hours.

Follow-up Visits

Follow up visits, should these be requested, are charged at £245, plus travel. A follow up visit may be requested to assist with shielding a room or to check radiation levels after shielding.

Travel Costs

Travel is charged at 45p per mile or the cost of a return rail fare from Bracknell station.

For example, travel costs to anywhere on the underground network in central London are £40.00, and travel to Bristol (176 miles round trip) is £79.20.

Please contact me if you are interested in a home survey or have any further questions.

“I cannot recommend Leonard highly enough.  He offers excellent advice and is totally conscientious and reliable.  My family now has improved quality of sleep and general well-being.”

Caroline, London

“We have greater peace of mind and we are both sleeping really well. My husband’s Parkinson's symptoms are minimal at the moment.”

Dr Kim Lloyd

“I am so pleased with the readings in my bedroom. I had a superb nights sleep (7 hours solid).”

Sam, Berkshire